Thursday, April 7, 2011

[Album] Big Bang - Special Edition (2011)

 Label: YG Entertainment
Release Date : 08 April 2011
Genre: Dance Pop
Language: Korean

Big Bang made their long-awaited Korean comeback in February, and fans should be happy to know the boys aren't going anywhere just yet. As a follow-up to their fourth mini-album, the group is now releasing the special compilation Big Bang Special Edition. The album features three new tracks - the new Big Bang songs Love Song and Stupid Liar and Dae Sung's solo Baby Don't Cry, which he performed at Big Show 2011. You also get a selection of the members' other recent works, including three songs from Big Bang's fourth mini-album, two GD & TOP tracks, and Tae Yang and Seung Ri solos.



[Movie] The Way Back (2010)

Under cover of a night-time blizzard, seven prisoners caught up in Stalin’s Reign of Terror escape a Soviet Gulag in 1940. They are now free men and almost certainly, dead men… for their impending trek to safety defies any reasonable chance of success and the landscape they must cross is unforgiving. With little food or equipment, and no certainty of their location or intended direction, they embark on a journey that will present unimaginable hardship and drama. Driven by base animal instincts – survival and fear – while relying on evolved human traits – compassion and trust – the group endures transformative experiences that are profound and abysmal, anguished and ecstatic. All the while, they abide by one unceasing mandate: keep moving, keep moving, keep moving…

Directed by Peter Weir
Genre: Drama
Rating IMDB: 7.4/10
Staring: Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris and Colin Farrell
Release Name.: The.Way.Back.BDRip.XviD-DiAMOND
Size................: 1.4 GB (2 CD, 6 parts = 4 part 300MB + 2 part 90mb)
Quality............: Video: AVI-XviD 640×272  - Audio: AC3
Subtitles.........: English 
Hosted............: Fileserve, Filesonic




Wednesday, April 6, 2011

[Album] Nick Carter – Im Taking Off (2011)

Nick Carter  - I'm Taking Off

Artist:   Nick Carter                                           
Title:    I'm Taking Off                                          
Label:    Sony Music                                              
Genre:    Pop                                                     
Bitrate:  197 Kbps Avg                                           
Time:     47:23 min                                                
Size:     66,9 MB                                                 
Rip Date: 2011-04-03                                                
Str Date: 2011-02-02              


01. Burning Up                                   03:39          
02. Not The Other Guy                            02:58          
03. So Far Away                                  03:33          
04. Addicted                                     04:33              
05. Special                                      04:04              
06. Falling Down                                 04:00           
07. Just One Kiss                                03:33           
08. Great Divide                                 04:09          
09. Nothing Left To Lose                         04:17          
10. Falling In Love Again                        03:35            
11. I`m Taking Off                               03:58           
12. Jewel In Our Hearts                          05:04   


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